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Juarez Silver

Beautiful city for murder all the time

Hornitos Reposado

Almost good enough for company


Strong commercials, great bottle shape

Don Julio Blanco

Always gave to the people,

later shot in the face

Don Julio Anejo

Sorry, he’s fine, we meant Don Jamie

Cazadores Reposado

Strong deer logo, like Jäger and the Bucks

Espolon Blanco

Industry favorite

Espolon Reposado

Industry favorite if they get double tipped

Herradura Blanco

Cleanest distillery,  Jesus’ favorite

Herradura Reposado

Pairs well with lunch

Corazon Blanco

Distilled from blue weber agave, means nothing

Siembra Valles Blanco

Local company from Mexico if that makes sense

Siembre Ancestral

It’s a stolen credit card kinda shot

Ocho Repo

If you like your 8’s aged

Ocho Blanco

If you don’t

Chinaco Anejo

Seems affordable for no one ever hearing of it


AWESOME Rotating Draft List - see blackboards

2SP Delco Lager can

It’s like a Delco princess, affordable

Alpine Duet

Two people singing, on a freezin’

cold mountain top, but in a good way

Anderson Valley Gose can

Changes all the time. Traditionally

made with salt and coriander

Big Hill Cider  

Due to the big hill, there’s big gravity

Captain Lawrence

6th Borough Pils can

Totally a subway beer

Dogfish Head

SeaQuench Ale can

Drinkable as Sam’s face

Founders All Day can

Light enough for pilots, strong enough for moms

Left Hand Milk Stout

Know what I mean?

Port Mongo can

Horse punchin’ good


Overall, the team’s favorite,

if you don’t count Sara

Allagash White

White as Suzy Woods, smooth as Katie Tella  

Boon Kriek Mariage Parfait

Don’t look at the price, it’s worth it

De Dolle Oerbier  

Amazing label, great beer for church

De la Senne Zinnebir  

The people’s beer. Uh, you’re the people

De la Senne Taras Boulba

Named after some maniac

Fantome Saison 25oz

Made from the yeast of ghosts. Clean ghosts

Russian River Consecration  

Really good

Russian River Supplication  

Better than the one above

Russian River Damnation  

It’s fine


Illegal Joven

Not as shady as they sound, but they do have

a nameless mule


Fruit forward, easy sipping


Vanilla and figs with a burnt honey flavor,

with a bit of lemon


Complex taste, citrus notes

Siembra Metl

Ode to the masters of mezcal

Don Mateo de la Sierra Pechuga

Jumping with fruit, roasted agave, and spice

Peloton de la Muerte

100% agave espadín  

Chimay Grand Reserve

Official beer of Casey and Adam’s wedding

Stiegl Radler 16.9oz can


Hitachino White

Brewed from owls

Rochefort 8

It’s either better than Rochefort 10 or not

Schneider Aventinus 16.9oz

When you wanna look European, but better

Westmalle Dubbel

Monks drink it before nap time

Westmalle Tripel

Monks drink it if they skip nap time

Miller Lite can

Let them drink cake


WINE ON DRAFT! - 2 whites    3 reds-   

Always rotating. Ask your server.



Flavored: Strawberry, Mango, Blackberry and El Diablo

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